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Ways That You Can Take A Screen Shot On A Mac

Computers have made things in our life convenient. For many people that are in graphic designing then probably you would want a computer that is not dragging itself to make the designing an easy project. A mac book despite the version is the best computer for graphic design since it has features that enable them to handle large format information. If you are not familiar with the mac book, its usage and the shortcuts then you can have a problem when you are using the mac. It’s up to you to research more on the ways that you can use the mac. Covered in the article below are the ways that you can take a print screen on a mac.

There are many ways that you can take the perfect screenshot on the mac and the first shortcut that we are going to look at is the press and release of the space bar. In this method the crosshair turns into a camera icon which you can pull over into opening a window. You can click on the window of your choice to take the print screen on mac. This type of taking the screenshot has a drop shadow over it and also there is a white border over the window.

By pressing and holding the space bar is another method that you can use when taking the perfect screenshot. For this to help it’s the period when you have highlighted an area and before you have released the mouse button or the trackpad if you are using the latter. If though the position that is highlighted has been locked that position that it is, it can be re positioned on the screen. This method comes in handy when you had selected an area but the place that you had selected is missing a few pixels. You only need to hold the space bar and reposition it and then you can take your perfect screenshot.

Holding down the shift key can also be used as another way of taking a perfect screenshot. After you have highlighted an area that’s where this method can be used and before you have released the mouse button. This combination can help you in locking the selected area side that has been made with the crosshair and will help you save the bottom side while letting you move the cursor of the mouse to help in positioning the bottom side. To get the perfect screenshot on your Mac, you need to read the following article above.

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