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The Ultimate Guide to Archangel Metatron

If this is the first time you are coming across the name archangel Metatron, then you should know that this is the archangel of empowerment. There are two angels believed to have ascendants of an earthly human incarnation, into the angelic realm and that is archangel Metatron and Sandalphon. For one to attain spiritual power and to ascend, they need to have certain abilities and Metatron is the archangel that we revere as the one who is most powerful and stands to represent the ability we all need in the achievement of ascension and access to spiritual power. As believed from the bible, Enoch, who is a prophet and scribe is the representation of a human embodiment of Metatron. There is a universal archive known as the akashic record where all the choices presented in heaven and earth are kept in a scribe and the task of doing all that was in the hands of Metatron; a responsibility he was given right after ascending and he keeps them in the book of life.

Another trait of Metatron that you should know is that he is the representation of the ultra-high vibrational frequency. The package that you should prepare for from the moment you start working with Metatron in this matter is a frequency of the highest intensity when ascending. Through light work and being cleansed of your energy, Metatron helps you to release the things that are no longer at your service whether is it emotionally, mentally, dynamically or in terms of energy. There are two examples of healing modalities where one is called the Melchizedekian method feature and another known as the Metatron’s healing technique; these two can help to give a significant shift in your life such that the techniques will allow you to have more freedom, get self-confidence and deeply understand the person within you from the universal divine perspective.

Archangel Metatron is not a simple angel that you easily recognize because most people often have no idea about what they are searching for. There is more intensity in his presence and it is often overwhelming. That is unlikely for other angels like Michael because his communication has resemblance with an almost earthly presence.

When you are in the presence of Metatron, you get the strong urge to be highly positive in your thoughts where anything negative wants to be changed into a positive one. Due to the unique nature of archangel Metatron’s job of looking after the book of life, he gets a constant reminder of how it is possible to use the negative thoughts that you have to make negative selections which result in equally negated consequences.

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